Huelskamp for Party Chair?

Are you kidding me? Isn't there a height requirement for the position?

In all seriousness, exactly what could he offer the party besides more of the same? The party needs a fundraising person who can tap into wells which have gone untouched. Shallenburger's tenure has drained the state party coffers to the point Ron Freeman and Margie Canfield are taking 'extra-long' Christmas breaks.

Anyway, we are hearing a number of names being floated around: Eric Carter, Mike Pompeo and a darkhorse: Christian Morgan.

Pompeo is a intriguing choice, but doesn't have the deep hooks throughout the state to garner enough votes.

Eric Carter? His mysterious disappearance after being totally abused by Sandy Praeger in the primary will not sit well with most. From what I know of him, he seems like he's only interested in what will benefit him.

Morgan would bring the only proven fundraising experience to the party out of all potential candidates. With his ties to both Johnson County and statewide money, he is definitely qualified.

More on these and other developments soon....


Huelskamp set to announce 2010 bid?

We have received word that current Kansas State Senator Tim Huelskamp will be announcing his candidacy for governor shortly after the holiday season.

From what we heard last night, Huelskamp will tap Ken Canfield and will begin raising money and developing a grassroots network immediately.



Sebelius 54
Barnett 45

Morrison 57
Kline 43

Ryun 53
Boyda 45

Jenkins, Thornburg, Praeger, etc. all roll to easy victories.


Barnett Cooked

According to one of our sources, Jim Barnett is now down by nearly 20 points in the latest Rasmussen poll.

Sebelius is at 56 and Barnett is bringing up the rear at 37.


Barnett Closing the Gap?

Down by 20 or down by 9?

Last week, Survey USA had Barnett down by 20. This week, Rassmussen has him down by 9.

Poll: Sebelius 58, Barnett 38

Survery USA has released a poll that shows Kathleen Sebelius steamrolling Jim Barnett in the race for Kansas Governor.

This is very,very bad news
for Barnett.

The same poll has Kline beating Morrison by 2.

Barnett will say the poll is flawed, etc., but until he can prove otherwise, it looks like he will be embarassed in early November.

So much for his conservative credentials winning the election for him.


Barnett: 'I'm not saying I will win..'

From Monday's Kansas City Star:
"It's going to be a tough race," Barnett acknowledged during an interview. "I'm not saying I will win, but I have the faith that I can win."

Is this guy serious? Why in the world would he not say he IS going to win? If he's not convinced he will win, how can he expect anyone else to belive he will win?


State GOP to Host Job Fair

The Kansas state Repubican Party is making plans to host a job fair the week following the November 7th election at the Capital Plaza hotel in Topeka.

By all accounts (and please keep the flaming out of the comments) both employees of the Barnett and Kline campaigns will be looking for work on November 8th. We also know at least one Barnett employee has already started interviewing for a new job. It only makes sense that the state party be proactive in at least one area and help these folks find gainful employment after the election.

Anyone interested in either participating as a prospective employer or a soon to be out of work staffer can contact Ron Freeman at 785-234-3456 or send him an email at

We'll post time and room information once it becomes available.


Huelskamp to Replace Wagle?

In a stunning turn of events for the governor's race, we have learned that Jim Barnett has reached out to Tim Huelskamp to 'gauge his level of interest' in taking the place of Susan Wagle on his campaign. We have confirmed with our source close to the Barnett campaign as well as a person contacted by Huelskamp that the call was made over the weekend at the urging of two major Republican contributors.

Our source who has been accurate with her/his information, notified us this evening that he/she that the major donors have pledged substantial amounts of money to the campaign - via the state Republican party - with the contingency Barnett replace Wagle on the ticket.

Huelskamp has been using a third party (colleague in the Senate... which is where our other source comes from) to inquire with the Secretary of State's office to verify his eligibility as a lt. governor candidate, obviously indicating his interest in joining the ticket.

Huelskamp's numerous personal, financial and psycological issues notwithstanding, his selection would turn the governor's race upside down and could possibly re-energize the ultra-conservative base who have been soured with Susan Wagle's deceitful tactics, which proved damaging Ken Canfield's campaign.


GOP Leaders to Host Barnett Fundraiser

Brownback, Roberts, Dole, Graves, Anderson, Avery, Ryun, Moran, Tiahrt, Praeger, Thornburgh, Kline, Jenkins, Shallenburger.

The invitation to a Monday evening fundraiser for Barnett reads like a who's who of Kansas Republican politics. One of us received an invitation last week to the event being held at the Topeka country club.

The $500 price is too rich for our blood, but if you are planning to attend, let us know.

One name that is nowhere to be found on the invitation- Susan Wagle.


What Wagle Really Wants

It's no secret Susan Wagle has her eye on a higher politcal office, most likely that of U.S. Senator or governor, and is using Senator Barnett's campaign to add to her Rolodex and name identifcation.

According to our sources, the bulk of her time is spent at her home in Wichita while Senator Barnett is on the campaign trail. She is rarely seen at events and attends events only when she feels like it or she sees it as benefiting her future political aspirations.

One of our sources speculates that Wagle is not active in the campaign because she turns off too many voters and has too much baggage to be a benefit to the Barnett campaign. A recent comment on the previous post says it best:

"Those who have their shorts in a twist over this blog have obviously never spent 30 seconds in Topeka or around the legislature. Wagle is widely disliked by her peers, conservatives included. They actually enjoy dealing with Kay O'Connor over Wagle... "

It's difficult to fathom Wagle thinking she has a shot at any elective office outside of her home senate district, but those who know her say she has little grasp of reality and probably thinks she can get elected to any office she chooses.


Wagle's Weely Wacky- Part 1

We have received word that state senator and lt. governor candidate Susan Wagle is on the brink of mental breakdown.

According to a source very, very close the the Barnett campaign, Wagle has advocated for the removal of the entire campaign staff, (including Christian Morgan- who orchestrated the campaign's 10-point victory on August 1st) has pushed for changing positions on expanded gambling (she's reportedly been urged to do that by part-time gambling lobbyist and quasi-quitter Tim Shallenburger) and thinks Dr. Jim Barnett cannot win the election if she doesn't take a more visible role in the campaign. She has even gone as far to propose that she appear in their next television ad - without Barnett!

The source also goes on the say,

'Anyone that knows Susan Wagle knows she is totally nuts and is only interested in doing something if it has a direct benefit to her. She can't be trusted and she will stab her own mother in the back if it means advancing her agenda.'

Ouch. More on this tomorrow and throughout the weekend. You are going to love what else we have to report. If there is any question right now that Susan Wagle is seriouslly having a hard time dealing with reality, wait until you read some about some of her recent actions.


Sebelius under attack for immigration positions

Gov. Sebelius is under attack by the Barnett campaign and has started offering excuses and passing the buck to the federal level.

The story is here.


Did Barnett Disappear Again?

Has anyone seen the Republican nominee for governor?

Its been over a week since his primary victory and people we talk to say he and his running mate, Susan Wagle, are nowhere to be found on the campaign trail.

His website is stagnant and does not mention his primary victoy or announce rallies or other public events.

The only publicity he appears to be getting is on other blogs


Barnett attacks Sebelius over Arizona trip

The Lawrence Journal World reports Republican candidate Jim Barnett is upset with Gov. Sebelius for using a recent trip to Arizona as a campaign photo op.

Read it here.

Could the Barnett campaign be getting up and brushing off the dust after being knocked down last week? If so, its good to see a little more agression by Barnett.


Barnett Disappears

In a commentary published in Sunday's Kansas City Star, political writer, Steve Kraske comments on how Barnett blew it and disappeared the day after winning the primary.

This blunder fits with our post yesterday about Barnett not being agressive and soft. It looks like his strategy points to a soft press secretary not being on the ball.

But we have faith that the Barnett campaign will take the necessary steps to get back on track. It's better something like this happen now than even a week from now.


Nasty campaign? Doesn't look like it.

Within hours of Jim Barnett being declared the winner in Tuesday nights Republican primary, the Democratic Party sent out boxes of flip-flops to area reporters to symbolize Barnett's flip-flop on a number of issues since taking office.

Barnett's campaign responded by throwing a piece of gravel at Sebelius for taking a trip to the US border. Barnett says it was a nothing more than a P.R. stunt and photo-op.

One has to wonder why the KSDP would give Barnett credibility by attacking him so quickly, and if Barnett has anything better than this to attack the governor with.

Barnett, already fighting a feminine persona, needs to grow horns and a set of testicles to get any traction against the Sebelius machine. His bedside manner probably works well in the doctor office, but has no place on the campaign trail. Are we the only ones who think Susan Wagle could physically beat up Barnett?

The governor must be severely wounded before anyone will take notice and think Barnett has a better than a 1000-1 shot.

It will be difficult at best for Barnett alone to damage the governor. That said, there are no Republican officials or office holders that can match the tenacity of Anthony Hensley and a long list of other attack dogs. Doug Mays? Tim Shallenburger? Give us a break. They have long since lost credibility with the media and fellow Republicans.

Not all is lost for Republicans, but unless Barnett and the rest of the Republican party is ready to take off their pantyhose and get aggressive to inflict real damage to Sebelius, this race could very well be over by Labor Day.


36, 26, 22

Not real sexy numbers for him, but it was a double digit win for Barnett.

The shock of the night has to be the very poor showing by Robin Jennison. Guess he spent too much time traveling to nook-and-cranny counties rather than raising money.

For those of you at the 'unity' party, did Canfield ever conceded victory? We have also heard Canfield was the only candidate who did not call Barnett to offer congratulations and concede victory.

Verrrry classy, Ken. Way to 'lead by example'. Great example from a Christian man.


Judgement Day

Polls are open from 7 to 7. No matter who you vote for, be sure to cast your vote today.

We'll have a breakdown of results later tonight.