Barnett Closing the Gap?

Down by 20 or down by 9?

Last week, Survey USA had Barnett down by 20. This week, Rassmussen has him down by 9.


Anonymous said...

damn. maybe he does have a chance.

Anonymous said...

oh lord...everyone knows SurveyUSA is a crap poll...this poll is nearly identical to the last poll done my this firm.

Anonymous said...

I love how people say SurveyUSA is crap because it's automated, yet are quick to embrace Rasmussen's automated polls when they have a result they like better.

Speaking of Barnett, where did his TV ads go? I haven't seen one in almost a week.

Anonymous said...

he is a joke....and he is preparing for ultimate humiliation

Anonymous said...

If Wagle wasn't mad at Barnett before (for not giving her the commercial she wanted) she's got to be steamed by the fact that the new Barnett yardsigns don't have her name on them (the primary signs did.)

He was already flailing and now he's selling out the person who helped him win the primary.

Anonymous said...

Barnett's humiliation won't be any worse than Shallenburger's. Surely it can't be too awful to lose to a liberal/do nothing/Democrat in one of the most Republican states in the country?

I guess we'll never learn. Kline will find this out in 4 years if he gets to run against Moore or Parkinson.