Huelskamp for Party Chair?

Are you kidding me? Isn't there a height requirement for the position?

In all seriousness, exactly what could he offer the party besides more of the same? The party needs a fundraising person who can tap into wells which have gone untouched. Shallenburger's tenure has drained the state party coffers to the point Ron Freeman and Margie Canfield are taking 'extra-long' Christmas breaks.

Anyway, we are hearing a number of names being floated around: Eric Carter, Mike Pompeo and a darkhorse: Christian Morgan.

Pompeo is a intriguing choice, but doesn't have the deep hooks throughout the state to garner enough votes.

Eric Carter? His mysterious disappearance after being totally abused by Sandy Praeger in the primary will not sit well with most. From what I know of him, he seems like he's only interested in what will benefit him.

Morgan would bring the only proven fundraising experience to the party out of all potential candidates. With his ties to both Johnson County and statewide money, he is definitely qualified.

More on these and other developments soon....