Barnett Closing the Gap?

Down by 20 or down by 9?

Last week, Survey USA had Barnett down by 20. This week, Rassmussen has him down by 9.

Poll: Sebelius 58, Barnett 38

Survery USA has released a poll that shows Kathleen Sebelius steamrolling Jim Barnett in the race for Kansas Governor.

This is very,very bad news
for Barnett.

The same poll has Kline beating Morrison by 2.

Barnett will say the poll is flawed, etc., but until he can prove otherwise, it looks like he will be embarassed in early November.

So much for his conservative credentials winning the election for him.


Barnett: 'I'm not saying I will win..'

From Monday's Kansas City Star:
"It's going to be a tough race," Barnett acknowledged during an interview. "I'm not saying I will win, but I have the faith that I can win."

Is this guy serious? Why in the world would he not say he IS going to win? If he's not convinced he will win, how can he expect anyone else to belive he will win?


State GOP to Host Job Fair

The Kansas state Repubican Party is making plans to host a job fair the week following the November 7th election at the Capital Plaza hotel in Topeka.

By all accounts (and please keep the flaming out of the comments) both employees of the Barnett and Kline campaigns will be looking for work on November 8th. We also know at least one Barnett employee has already started interviewing for a new job. It only makes sense that the state party be proactive in at least one area and help these folks find gainful employment after the election.

Anyone interested in either participating as a prospective employer or a soon to be out of work staffer can contact Ron Freeman at 785-234-3456 or send him an email at

We'll post time and room information once it becomes available.