Barnett: 'I'm not saying I will win..'

From Monday's Kansas City Star:
"It's going to be a tough race," Barnett acknowledged during an interview. "I'm not saying I will win, but I have the faith that I can win."

Is this guy serious? Why in the world would he not say he IS going to win? If he's not convinced he will win, how can he expect anyone else to belive he will win?


Anonymous said...

who cares hes toast

Anonymous said...

With jam and butter!

Anonymous said...

Be happy if you're a Democrat.

Be happy if you've written a huge contribution check to the Governor and not to Burn-it and Wiggle.

Be very happy if you're NOT Dr, Barnett's patient and he's NOT giving you the report on a biopsy ---

"I've not saying you will survive but ..."

Anonymous said...

Four years ago, Shallenburger was hustling hard by this time in the election. Shallenburger got creamed ... but at least he looked like a real candidate.

Barnett is going to be defeated by 15+ points. Pathetic. Wagle and Barnett are destroying what's left of the GOP.

Anonymous said...

Things will be much better once Wagle gets dumped from the ticket.

Anonymous said...

Like most doctors, Barnett has a lot of skeletons in his closet.

Like most Bingo entrepreneurs, Susan has a lot of skeletons in her tote bag. Bingo players do it until they black out!

Anonymous said...

what skeletons does barnett have as a doctor?

Anonymous said...

The Kansas GOP is bigger than Barnett/Wagle, though the Wagles in this state are unwittingly doing more harm than good. The Kansas GOP will survive, maybe not thrive, but survive.

Folks, sit back, relax and wait. The minute the polls close Sebelius becomes a lame duck, with even less political pull than she has now.

She has no mandate from the public, and she has no vision for Kansas. Can the legislature capitalize on that? Maybe.

There is time for a Republican to plan for 2010. If the D's take back Congress maybe Thiart would look at running for governor. Moran? He's a political pussy, wouldn't want to run against Parkinson. Thiart might.

Thornburgh or Jenkins? Thornburgh has to get by the crazies like O'Connor in the party who hate him, but possible. Jenkins has helped Ryun and others, good on the stump, could trounce Parkinson or Moore.

For those who must have a conservative Thiart is your best bet, otherwise look to Thornburgh or Jenkins in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Betcha Barnett runs again, but this time does the smart thing and doesn't run with a wack job like Wagle. He would have four years to build upon his base and get a much earlier start on fundraising. If he's smart, he should already be laying the groundwork for such a move. Maybe that's what this post is about- lowering expectations and setting himself up for 2010. He would have to be considered the presumptive nominee, but guys like Schmidt and Thornburgh might try to derail him.

Anonymous said...

Barnett in 2010? You're kidding, right? The man has made a fool of himself. Senate leadership is pissed at him and he'll be a nobody in the legislature next year. He'll probably even draw a challenge in his senate district in 2008. Barnett has no chance of building a campaign in 2010. He's demonstrated that he has no business being a candidate.

I think Wagle has finally lost her marbles. She'd done as well. Here in Wichita, she's survived challenges from Bob Knight and Roberta Feist. In 2008, she's beat in the senate seat.

Anonymous said...

You'd think Schmidt would be in the mix, but he's got no following outside his district and his fellow senators really aren't that fond of his ambition.

He can sit it out and wait for new congressional seats to be drawn in 2010 when we lose a seat. Maybe Independence will be in the new 1st district and he can run against Moran, Ryun, Mays, Huelskamp, etc. etc. etc.

That would be fun to watch.

As for Barnett, he likely won't run for Senate again. The partners in his practice are not happy with him taking so much time and revenue away from the office.

Some legislator will likely take the plunge. After all, if you get elected to the Kansas Legislature doesn't that make you a genius and loved by all?

Anonymous said...

The poster who said that Barnett is toast is right. After his collusion with O'Neil on the House Nuss investigation, he will have almost no friends in the Senate; even supporters don't like the House investigating the Senate. Sebilius will be a lame duck but with power. Even optimists concede Dems will pick up 2-4 House seats and Dems and pessimists say it could be as many as 12. Either way the conservatives drop down to the low 50's and power shifts to the Dem/moderate coalition with Sebilius's veto pen hovering. This may actually force conservatives to work with moderates for a change or face getting nothing done.

Anonymous said...

Can Tiahrt's political future survive a divorce?

If the Democrats take control of the U.S. House, Todd becomes a lobbyist. Ryun becomes retired. Moore becomes bullet-proof.

Moran becomes -- who?

Anonymous said...

The shift from internal power in the Legislature probably won't make that much difference. With no big social issues burning a hole in their pockets the Legislature will be more business as usual. (Future AG candidate Kinzer will try to keep cloning going, but right now not that many people care.)

What will be interesting will be the House-Senate dynamic if O'Neal is elected Speaker. Will Morris have the cohones to face up to O'Neal? Stuff would still get done, but it could get interesting.

As for the lame duck Governor? She'll have no more influence than she has already. No big deal. Sorry to burst your bubble Kathleen fans. She's been a cog in a wheel for four years, that won't change.

I'll be interested to see how Parkinson fares. She doesn't like the spotlight to shine on any one else, just ask the current Lt. Gov.

Anonymous said...

Thiart can survive a divorce. Half the voters are divorced, well maybe not half, but it's not a big deal any more.

Anonymous said...

Is Tiahrt getting a divorce?

He's happily married. Where does this crap come from?

Anonymous said...

You've got to love it that a bunch of Democrats and "moderate" (big spending, pro-Schmidt) Republicans hang out at this blog, rooting for Sebelius.

So, Democrats -- does it not bother you that the ONLY way that a Democrat for survive in Kansas is to do NOTHING? Sebelius hasn't done squat, and the voters evidently are at least somewhat aware, as she's not even above 50%!!

How do you spin that, liberals? A 48% polling rate when Barnett is simply not known in many parts of the state yet (including Johnson County -- quite a few voters, remember)?

Thornburgh will have a tough time succeeding, because he has not demostrated any leadership in the 84 years that he's been Secretary of State, he opened up the primary in 2004, and because enough people may be concerned that he's part of the same type of thinkers at Ed O'Malley, John Vratil, and Dick Bond (as in, "we're part of an elite group... they appoint me... I then check with them before I vote").

Oh, and a side note -- did you hear yet that Kline is beating Morrison by 15 points?

Sorry to go back to this, but man, Sebelius spends a load of money and cannot even get above 50%. That's just got to stink for a liberal.

Anonymous said...

You people in JOCO have got to get your heads around the fact that there is a world beyond the I-435.

Ed O'Malley and John Vratil have no more influence than any other of the 143 pin heads in the legislature. This fear of light weights like O'Malley, Vratil, and Yoder is laughable.

As for Dick Bond, he's loathed as much in Topeka as he is in Overland Park.

This fixation on Thornburgh for opening up the primary is typical. Is he the perfect Republican? No. Can he beat Parkinson? Yes. Do you want to win or what?

As for any of the so called conservatives in the legislature being better candidates, they whore around and lie as much or more than the mods and Democrats do.

This self righteous attitude on the part of some, not all thankfully, mods and conservatives has brought Kansas from the heights of the Republican Party to being a laughing stock.

Crazy is as crazy does.

Anonymous said...

If O'Neal becomes Speaker, House-Senate relations become even frostier. His boy, Kinzer, will be pushed front and center for future campaigns. But, remember, O'Neal has been there for 22 years and has never held a leadership post or headed a major committee (Tax, Appropriations, Fed State). Why? Because he rubs a lot of people wrong for different reasons. Don't be surprised if the final two are O'Neal and Wilk and Wilk edges him out. These votes are not just about ideology; they're about who will help me out the most or do me the least harm. O'Neal has plenty of detractors and while Wilk may not be conservative enough for some, he's affable, gets along with all and doesn't scare people. O'Neal is already telling people that he's got it locked up (he doesn't) and that he doesn't need their votes (bad thing to say to any politician) while Wilk is having very friendly and upbeat meetings with all.

Anonymous said...

Wilk is not a factor in the Speakers race. He might be a nice guy, but he still doesn't have as many votes as O'Neal and Neufeld.

Will conservatives vote for a Speaker who's on his third wife (two of which have been his legislative secretaries)? Maybe.

Judiciary is an important committee. Kinzer might be being groomed but he's gonna need a personality and humility transplant to go anywhere.

Landwher is trying to corral votes to work some sort of deal to her advantage.

This has clusterf#@k written all over it.

Anonymous said...

Don't count Wilk out yet. He will get all the moderates (about 24 votes) plus a few long-time friends, etc. He probably has 30 solid votes. Means he's in the finals against Neufield or O'Neal (both of whom claim to have 30-35 votes?) If only low 70's Republicans after November, Wilk only needs 6 or 7 other conservatives and there are lots of them who don't like O'Neal because of his personal life, his recent repackaging as a conservative from earlier moderate tone, his erroneous assurances on what the courts would or wouldn't do and his penchant for secrecy and working behind closed doors. He's probably the betting favorite but it'll be close.

Anonymous said...

Well we have a Gov's race.

Barnett had her on the defensive, most of the hour of today's debate.

I was surprised at his sharpness and the clear contest.

I don't think she was expecting it.

Anonymous said...

Too bad only 1,000 people heard or saw the debate.

Unfortunately Barnett doesn't have the cash to get his message out.

She's a mediocre governor with a do nothing record, but she has the cash to flood the air waves with her revisionist history.

Our party is so messed up we can't even beat a failure like Sebelius. I don't see any leadership coming from moderates or conservatives to solve this problem any time soon. We're on our own for now. Four more years of this garbage!!!

Anonymous said...

People can post what they wanted to hear but check out Hawver's report for impartial assessment. Barnett continues to foolishly attack the school funding legislation saying we can't afford it even though his party controlled the legislature that passed the bill. Sebilius then asked him whether that meant he would back off supporting the second and third year of the plan and, of course, he had to say no. Both Hawver and Rep. Tihart noted that Barnett is playing to the 37% of Republicans who voted for him in the primary not the moderates and independents who will decide the election. He's following the Kobach playbook and we all know where that led.

HadOurPhill said...

Hmmmmm, what about Phill?

Has he seen this?

Anonymous said...

Oops, wrong link. Try this one.

Anonymous said...

Hawver, unbiased?

This is a guy that would't let Coors beer into his house b/c of the politics of the coors family.

Illegal immigration is far from a primary issue. It may be the only issue that can get Barnett over the top.

Frivilous spending is always a good topic.