Poll: Sebelius 58, Barnett 38

Survery USA has released a poll that shows Kathleen Sebelius steamrolling Jim Barnett in the race for Kansas Governor.

This is very,very bad news
for Barnett.

The same poll has Kline beating Morrison by 2.

Barnett will say the poll is flawed, etc., but until he can prove otherwise, it looks like he will be embarassed in early November.

So much for his conservative credentials winning the election for him.


Anonymous said...

i dont care what kind of poll it was, barnett is done.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you didn't post the Rasmussen poll that has Barnett down 11.

Exactly whose side are you on?

Survey USA has a long history of being way, way off.

Might as well throw darts as use random digit dialing.

You probably believe that Boyda and Ryun are really tied too.

the truth said...

Care to stick your foot in your mouth some more? Don't blame the messenger for the message.

Only one other pollster has been more accurate since 1998. Rasmussen is far down the list of good pollsters.

But does it really matter that Barnett is down by 11 or 20? Are you Republicans looking for style points?

The only race in doubt is Morrison Kline.

Anonymous said...

you really think that only 4% are undecided? idiot

Survey USA has a bad track record. PERIOD.

If they were so damn good, why don't candidates hire them to do polling?

So, you think Boyda is tied with Ryun?

Anonymous said...

Come on, this is boring!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone been to the Barnett web site lately. How awful can it get? It looks like it hasn't been updated in months! More handwriting on the wall I guess.

Anyone have any good Kline/Morrison gossip?

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm, good Morrison/Kline gossip.

Anonymous said...

Will you put up the new Rasmussen #s when they are released?

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this when this blog has proven itself to be so even handed with the truth and up to the minute with news, but this race is happening and you’re not reporting it!!

The new Rasmussen numbers have Barnett gaining 11 points putting him within signal digits of victory.