GOP Leaders to Host Barnett Fundraiser

Brownback, Roberts, Dole, Graves, Anderson, Avery, Ryun, Moran, Tiahrt, Praeger, Thornburgh, Kline, Jenkins, Shallenburger.

The invitation to a Monday evening fundraiser for Barnett reads like a who's who of Kansas Republican politics. One of us received an invitation last week to the event being held at the Topeka country club.

The $500 price is too rich for our blood, but if you are planning to attend, let us know.

One name that is nowhere to be found on the invitation- Susan Wagle.


Anonymous said...

I am going.

It should be a nice event.

Please get off the anti-Wagle rant.

You are starting to make he behaviour look pretty normal.

Anonymous said...

Was that a British guy who posted above?

Anyway, yeah, everybody will be sure to "let you know" about who's in attendance -- not.

You're guys and gals are slightly less cool than Senator Jim Jeffords, with your disrespect of people and the party.

Jeffords is at least somewhat civil. You're just mean. Do Republicans a favor and get off the mailing list.

Anonymous said...

How many times has this blog changed owners?

Anonymous said...

Derek Kreifels has been doing it all along. We're just starting to see his sour grapes from his pro-Canfield days come out with the attacks on Wagle. At least we now know that his KS political days are done.

Anonymous said...

While Republicans Lead – Democrats Deceive!

And the liberal Kathleen Sebelius will employ the same campaign strategy as she did four years ago – try to convince Kansans that she is what she isn’t.

·She will talk about leadership – when she actually spent four years of running from the Education issue and instead secretly using the activist Supreme Court to force through what she really wanted – a massive tax and spending increase.

·She will claim to represent Kansas traditional values – when she actually is a strong proponent of homosexual marriage, late-term abortion and illegal immigration.

·She will claim to be a fiscal conservative – when she actually added thousands of new government jobs, grew state debt to record amounts, and lied about saving a BILLION dollars. (Reviewed her savings claims – it is the most deceiving commercial seen in state history!

And then her turncoat running mate – Mark B.A. Parkinson – that is an even worse case of deceit. The guy served in the Legislature as Republican – claimed to support Ronald Reagan, George Bush I, Bob Dole, and George W. Bush – and was installed by then-Governor Bill Graves as State Republican Party Chairman. But in reality, Parkinson (BTW – B.A. stands for Benedict Arnold) was really a closet Democrat, really a supporter of Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Bill Clinton, Al Gore and John Kerrey, and secretly sought to destroy the Republican principles from the inside-out.

Anonymous said...

Two names missing: Nancy Kassebaum and Carla Stovall.

Of all the elected officials listed, Nancy and Carla were the most popular.

Go figure.

Anonymous said...

They should just save their money. What happened yesterday? Sebelius was out on her farm tour gaining great media coverage outstate (see today's Topeka CJ) while Barnett was "reached by telephone" for a comment. He promptly attacked the recently passed school funding bill (passed by Republican controlled legislature and yesterday's news) and made TABOR-ish sounding comments. Hello, Jim! This is 2006 - you're in a campaign. Nobody wants to revisit school funding; it's over for now and TABOR has no legs except for the people around you who probably will vote for you anyway. When are you going to start your campaign? I am starting to get really concerned that Barnett-Wagle, along with Bush fatigue, are going to drag the Republicans down big-time in November. Dems are targeting some 20 Kansas House seats and are going to put serious money into them.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with the last comment. Get over school finance. Barnett talks about it when he mentions how his bill almost passed. ALMOST passed? Is that like ALMOST winning? If you almost win, you are still a loser. Makes him look like a fool. Someone needs to get this guy a media consultant and make him lose the proctologist demeanor.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that both Nancy and Carla will stay out of it. It's for the best. If they got involved, they'd be with Sebelius.

Anonymous said...

I wish somebody would ask Carla who she's supporting for AG. Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

Hey, to you Democrats (or else the "party left me" Republicans) who run this blog:

The Graves endorsement to Barnett is a pretty big deal!

Anonymous said...

If former state party chair Kim Wells is endorsing Phil Kline that's a big deal. Wells is smack dab in the middle of the mod camp.

I think Nancy and Carla endorsed Shallenburger, so it wouldn't be much of stretch to endorse Barnett.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Ed O'Malley and Dick Bond post on this blog, and which comments are theirs.

Their KTRM people should help out Lincoln Chafee, who's about to go down in Rhode Island. When Chafee gets beat, the big government and big spending "Mainstreet Partnership" people get hurt in the process.

Anonymous said...

Do they have to hide Susan Wagle whenever donors are around? It must be tough to run with a running mate that you're ashamed of. Sebelius doesn't seem to have that problem.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Barnett is considering replacing Wagle as his running mate?

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the O'Malley, Bond, KTRM post above; there's that vast moderate-wing conspiracy again! Another day, another Sebelius ad claiming way too much credit and characterizing the legislators as unruly school children while someone named Morgan huffs and puffs in the press. You have to admit the people running Sebelius campaign are putting out very effective ads (most people will agree with the portrayal of the legislators) that have Barnett constantly on defense. Who in the world is running his campaign? He must be surrounded by complete morons. Are these by any chance the same people who ran the Kobach campaign? You know, win the primary and then tack further to the right?

Anonymous said...

No, there is not a "vast" moderate-wing anything.

But, there are a handful of liberal one-issue or two-issue Republicans (often, either very pro-abortion or very "spend more and more on education without choice"). You may, on occasion, here these people say, "the party left me even though I know that the current party agrees with Reagan in 1981").

These people say that they're moderates, and they say that they're fiscally conservative and socially liberal (or perhaps libertarian). If this were the case, then this wouldn't be a big deal.

These people probably run this blog.

These folks are for higher government taxes and spending -- they're not fiscally conservative. To give them a little credit, they perhaps identify with Republicans on national defense.

When conservatives in Kansas started calling them out in the 1990s out, and when they start losing elections, they didn't want to debate issues (which are not on their side), so they then move to just calling the electable Republicans "extreme right wing."

And, yes, I'm lumping Dick Bond, Steve Cloud, Ed O'Malley, and John Vratil in this mix.

Kansas Republicans don't have an inherent problem with them being in the party. But when they want to move the party to the left, so that it's hardly distinguishable from the Democratic Party, then there's cause to react.

By the way -- Bill Graves endorsed Barnett. Where's Ed O'Malley? Where's John Vratil? We're waiting for these traditional Republicans to support the party.

Anonymous said...

Kreifels doesn't do this blog.

It's some "moderate" Republican who's trying to mess with the election.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there's the vast moderate-wing conspiracy raising its ugly head again - who knew? And speaking of endorsements, I haven't noticed Barnett traveling around the state with Kay O'Connor, Eric Carter or any conservative Johnson County reps by his side lately. Of course, we haven't seen Barnett anywhere lately have we?