Did Barnett Disappear Again?

Has anyone seen the Republican nominee for governor?

Its been over a week since his primary victory and people we talk to say he and his running mate, Susan Wagle, are nowhere to be found on the campaign trail.

His website is stagnant and does not mention his primary victoy or announce rallies or other public events.

The only publicity he appears to be getting is on other blogs


Anonymous said...

Did you all ever think he might be out of money from winning the primary and way behind Sebelius in raising money. He is personally calling all of his donors that previously gave him money.
I just received a personal call from him today asking for assistance and donations. Just be patient you bloggers. There is still plenty of time to go after Ms smooth liberal money bags.

Jim A

Anonymous said...

Hey when are you guys/gals running this blog going to tell us who you are?

Anonymous said...

Christian Morgan is a terrible campaign manager. I talked to him today. I dont like him. Barnett should fire him and get someone that has better experiance.

Anonymous said...

Kathleen Sebelius is a terrible governor. I don't like her. We should fire her and get a new governor.