Barnett Disappears

In a commentary published in Sunday's Kansas City Star, political writer, Steve Kraske comments on how Barnett blew it and disappeared the day after winning the primary.

This blunder fits with our post yesterday about Barnett not being agressive and soft. It looks like his strategy points to a soft press secretary not being on the ball.

But we have faith that the Barnett campaign will take the necessary steps to get back on track. It's better something like this happen now than even a week from now.


Anonymous said...

A long list of moderates won in the primary election... Barnett included (mod. dressed in conservative clothing). He's just not going to garner the necessary ground troups who supported Canfield. Passion can't be recruited.

Nixon Lover said...

This is not much of a surprise. The people in all of the Republican campaign staffs of Barnett, Canfield, Jennison, etc. have had little to no experience in a governor's race or any statewide race. Neither Barnett or Wagle knows what it's really like, either. Legislative races are very different from this.

Kraske isn't much of a pundit, but he is right that Barnett can't take JOCO for granted. But didn't Kathleen take JOCO against Shallenburger? And I hear that there is a kind of Wagle vs. Brownlee fued over leadership of the Senate conservatives. That can't be good for Barnett in JOCO.

Anonymous said...

He won't "garner the necessary ground troups who supported Canfield," unless he can act like a confident candidate who is doing what needs to be done to win. Disappearing the day after winning the primary, sounds like a doctor taking a day off for golf in mid-week. You know, like every Wednesday. Someone remind him that it needs to be full speed until Novemember. No golf!!!! (I'm not saying he played golf on Wednesday)

Anonymous said...

Kraske was right on this one. Barnett should have spent all day in Johnson County taking advantage of all the free press available the day after. Breakfast press meeting, visit with the Star and Sun, radio and TV interviews, etc. It's a one shot thing and he really blew it. Did anyone notice that Sebelius went to the Sun a day or 2 before the primary and therefore had a story running right next to Barnett's victory story. She gets it; he doesn't. Very exasperating.

Anonymous said...

One: stop moderating this blog. It's dumb.

Two: somehow convince us you guys don't work for Sebelius.

Anonymous said...

Three: Fix your link so that it goes to Barnett’s campaign website

Four: Look sort of fair and hit Sebelius as least as much as you do Barnett

Anonymous said...

Did anyone listen to Kraske on the radio Sunday morning with Mike Shannon? They kept hyping the fact that Jim Barnett was going to call-in, which would have given Jim a chance to refute Steve column that Barnett was AWOL the day after the election.

Did Barnett call in? Not that I heard. Mike even kept Steve over while the broadcast an All Points Bulletin foe the doctor. He never showed then and I don't expect much more on November 7th.

Barnett & Wagle -- the Gang that Can't Shoot Straight.

Real Life said...

Nobody listens on Sunday morning.