Huelskamp to Replace Wagle?

In a stunning turn of events for the governor's race, we have learned that Jim Barnett has reached out to Tim Huelskamp to 'gauge his level of interest' in taking the place of Susan Wagle on his campaign. We have confirmed with our source close to the Barnett campaign as well as a person contacted by Huelskamp that the call was made over the weekend at the urging of two major Republican contributors.

Our source who has been accurate with her/his information, notified us this evening that he/she that the major donors have pledged substantial amounts of money to the campaign - via the state Republican party - with the contingency Barnett replace Wagle on the ticket.

Huelskamp has been using a third party (colleague in the Senate... which is where our other source comes from) to inquire with the Secretary of State's office to verify his eligibility as a lt. governor candidate, obviously indicating his interest in joining the ticket.

Huelskamp's numerous personal, financial and psycological issues notwithstanding, his selection would turn the governor's race upside down and could possibly re-energize the ultra-conservative base who have been soured with Susan Wagle's deceitful tactics, which proved damaging Ken Canfield's campaign.


Anonymous said...


Also -- breaking news: Parkinson and Sebelius to switch places on Democratic ticket.

And wait! This just in: Parkinson will switch BACK to being a Republican and run for President in 2008!

Anonymous said...

I'm confused -- if Wagle used bad tactics against Canfield, and if the really cool people that run this blog made stuff up about Canfield during the primary (he lost by too big of a margin for you to take credit, of course), does that mean that this blog is run by Wagle?

Or, could it be that the liberal people who run this blog don't have the capability of talking about issues (were they in public schools?), so they just make stuff up?

I think I'll go with the second one.

Anonymous said...

Thus endeth this blog.

Anonymous said...

Please dom't end this blog. There are some of us who appreciate a site the updates on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

Uh, while interesting, not probable.

1. Switching running mates is a sign of indecisiveness at best, and bad judgement at worst, things campaigns cannot show because they are the kiss of death. Susan has not been caught in bed with a live boy or a dead woman, or something like that, so she stays on the ticket.

2. While Huelskamp has the conservative street cred, he adds nothing to the ticket. No good geography, no base of supporters who weren't already going to vote for Barnett, and no accomplishments in the Legislature to really speak of. Tim is very ambitious and is intelligent, but his very real lack of political savy in Topeka has left him with only Dennis Pyle and Kay O'Connor as followers.

3. The high dollar fund raiser in Topeka was a bust (Kline's following that was worse). The hand writing is on the wall, Barnett/Wagle will be going thru the motions for the next two months.

It's a pity that Wagle is such a drag. Barnett would have made a better Governor than Sebelius any day.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Rob Wasinger was going to be Barnett's new running mate.

Anonymous said...

If not Wasinger, how about Frank Miller or Jim Yonally?

He can always team up with Canfield, Jennison, Wilson or Decker. They actually have some name identity.

Is tomorrow September 1st or April 1st?

Anonymous said...

I heard that Sebelius actually does something.

Oh, wait, never mind. Only she says that.