Nasty campaign? Doesn't look like it.

Within hours of Jim Barnett being declared the winner in Tuesday nights Republican primary, the Democratic Party sent out boxes of flip-flops to area reporters to symbolize Barnett's flip-flop on a number of issues since taking office.

Barnett's campaign responded by throwing a piece of gravel at Sebelius for taking a trip to the US border. Barnett says it was a nothing more than a P.R. stunt and photo-op.

One has to wonder why the KSDP would give Barnett credibility by attacking him so quickly, and if Barnett has anything better than this to attack the governor with.

Barnett, already fighting a feminine persona, needs to grow horns and a set of testicles to get any traction against the Sebelius machine. His bedside manner probably works well in the doctor office, but has no place on the campaign trail. Are we the only ones who think Susan Wagle could physically beat up Barnett?

The governor must be severely wounded before anyone will take notice and think Barnett has a better than a 1000-1 shot.

It will be difficult at best for Barnett alone to damage the governor. That said, there are no Republican officials or office holders that can match the tenacity of Anthony Hensley and a long list of other attack dogs. Doug Mays? Tim Shallenburger? Give us a break. They have long since lost credibility with the media and fellow Republicans.

Not all is lost for Republicans, but unless Barnett and the rest of the Republican party is ready to take off their pantyhose and get aggressive to inflict real damage to Sebelius, this race could very well be over by Labor Day.


Anonymous said...

That is why we needed Jennison. But we didn't get Jennison, we got Barnett. So--you are right, he needs to get tough, speak up, and leave the soft bedside manner in the office. There are many things in the governor's record to attack, he needs to do it. Get tough!

Anonymous said...

Don't get too bent out of shape about the flip-flops. It's a cute ploy, probably done to screw with the campaign. What it should do is put the Barnett people on notice. The D's have done similar juvenile stunts in the past to Republican legislators. It does more psychological damage than anything else. They're just letting the Barnett people know they have the money to burn on gimmicks, and Barnett/Wagle doesn't.

If Barnett/Wagle doesn't raise $1 million by Oct. 1 it's over (it's probably over anyway). It will be hard for Barnett to raise much with Kline putting the screws to the same people. That won't make Wagle very happy, then again not much seems to make her happy.

Anonymous said...

It’s one thing to look objectively at the facts -- the Kansas race for governor will be an easy win for Sebelius unless something fabulous happens -- but it’s totally another to tear down our candidate as you did not this post.