What Wagle Really Wants

It's no secret Susan Wagle has her eye on a higher politcal office, most likely that of U.S. Senator or governor, and is using Senator Barnett's campaign to add to her Rolodex and name identifcation.

According to our sources, the bulk of her time is spent at her home in Wichita while Senator Barnett is on the campaign trail. She is rarely seen at events and attends events only when she feels like it or she sees it as benefiting her future political aspirations.

One of our sources speculates that Wagle is not active in the campaign because she turns off too many voters and has too much baggage to be a benefit to the Barnett campaign. A recent comment on the previous post says it best:

"Those who have their shorts in a twist over this blog have obviously never spent 30 seconds in Topeka or around the legislature. Wagle is widely disliked by her peers, conservatives included. They actually enjoy dealing with Kay O'Connor over Wagle... "

It's difficult to fathom Wagle thinking she has a shot at any elective office outside of her home senate district, but those who know her say she has little grasp of reality and probably thinks she can get elected to any office she chooses.


Anonymous said...

She has been planning on running for some other office for some time. Starting back when he was Speaker she tried to convince Shallenburger to run for gov and to pick her as his running mate. (It finally took a meeting at Brownback's house to get him to run, thanks Sam, that worked out well.) She was not amused at being passed over for the Shallenburger ticket.

The other story is that when Carlos finishes being Mayor, Susan will run for that.

If Steve Morris has any balls he'll can Barnett and Wagle as committee chairs next session. But he has yet to show that kind of testicular fortitude.

Lots of hall talk in Topeka about how under the radar the campaign season is.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with the last comment.

I personally have yet to see Wags make an appearance in my area (Topeka/Lawrence) and suspect its because she knows she isn't well liked.

She stays at home because Barnett probably tells her to.

He did make a terrible choice in selecting her- or was it Wagle selecting Barnett?

Anonymous said...

What a stupid blog.

Probably some KU students taking marching orders from Andy Wollen and Steve Cloud.

Anonymous said...

When was it again that you were going to announce to the world and let everyone know your names?

It's one thing for liberal Republicans to lose elections, get mad, and then call names because they can't properly debate issues. We're used to that.

But these guys take it one step further and just make stuff up completely and try to drag people's names through the mud.

I wonder if it's Ed O'Malley running this blog. Maybe John Vratil recommended it to him. I haven't heard them or many other "moderates" come out in favor of Kline or Barnett.

j.d. said...

More anonymous commenters bitching about an anonymous blog writers.

What a bunch of fucking douchebags.

Anonymous said...

Whereas JD is a total stud.

Nick said...

I thought you were going to go away because this blog is a joke. Why are you still here, anonymous?

j.d. said...

Damn skippy, son.

Alan Cobb said...

It is a little tough for Wagle to run for Mayor of Wichita when she doesn't live within the city limits.

What a joke this is.

Interesting thought to remove the chairmanships of the Republican nominees for Gov and Lt Gov. How do you make this stuff up?

Anonymous said...

I'm friends with one of the Barnett campaign people and he tells me she tries to fire the entire campaign staff every couple weeks.

Sounds like Katherine Harris in Florida.

Quitely, the campaign has been asked by Barnett to put together a short list of possible replacement running mates. My guy says Barnett has grown tired of Wagle's stunts and knows she hurts the campaign more than helps it.

When she spoke to our group a couple days ago, she looked terrible and sounded about the same. She probably already knows she's trying to be replaced.

Anonymous said...

dude, Wags could always move. its not that uncommon of a practice.

Anonymous said...

Hey 'Alan Cobb'. Sounds like you are a Wagle defender. How about some reasons why these comments or the blog posts are off base with their claims that Wagle is nuts and only in it for herself.

Alan Cobb said...

hey "anonymous":

When did you quit beating your wife?

Whoever suggested Wagle could move clearly doesn't know much about Wichita/SG/Butler county politics.

Seems like the posters and blog operators are the ones in it for themselves.

What a joke.

Nick said...

Hey Cobb you had your chance with Shallenburger and got your ass beat. Now go away. You were an embarassment then and you are now. No one takes you seriously and you are not helping your cause by leaving comments here that you cant defend. You call this blog a joke but still leave comments. That'a the real joke.

Still waiting for the proof that Wagle is a well respected politician and is not nuts.

Anonymous said...

i heard the story about wags wanting to be shallenburger's running mate in 2002, but knew wags would do him no good and hurt him more than help.

sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

Come on Alan. Give it a rest. You are nothing more than an over confident wannabe like Wagle.

I do agree that Wagle will not run for Wichita mayor, but she is too self centered not to run for something else down the road.

Anonymous said...

The press should ask her why she has so much money in her senate account just sitting there. If she was really interested in helping the Barnett campaign win, she would have already gave that money to the campaign or clean it through a third party.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

The Wagle Barnett ticket is backed by radical conservative extremists like Aaron Trost.

Pober said...

Barnett-Wagle is a joke. Susan Wagle is obviously using to country doctor to backdoor into statewide office. She's too kooky and creepy to ever get elected on her own. Of course, this won't work. Barnett-Wagle is DOA. They don't have a chance in hell.

Vote for Sebelis-Parkinson. Mark Parkinson is the only real leader on the ballot this year.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Barnett Wagle won't win. However, Mark Parkinson is just a two bit opportunist.

Anonymous said...

The only reason to vote Barnett-Wagle is party unity or party loyalty.

And, that's a stupid strategy that won't work.

It takes a pretty feeble minded voter to support a candidate simply because of the letter they have behind their name.

The Doug Patterson strategy of coercing voters to vote GOP just because they hold GOP registration doesn't work. Ultimately, partisanship is a weak bind. People really don't give a flip about political parties.

Anonymous said...

Why do people always go back to complainting about Doug Patterson?
He's really a prominent figure in politics.

Anonymous said...

Doug Patterson just lost his home precinct committeeman race 70-44 to a political newcomer. That's what his neighbors think of him. Yeah, he's a real force alright!

Anonymous said...

I love it. Barnett's campaign is in the toilet and Wagle is a disaster --- and somehow this is the fault of the moderates. Prior posts referring to Wollen, Cloud, O'Malley, Vratil. Apparently the Barnett-Wagle ticket is somehow the result of the vast moderate-wing conspiracy and the fact that it's being uncovered on this blog is causing chaos among some posters. One other point. The O'Neil House committee investigating the Nuss fuss won't go away and the animosity it has created between Barnett (who's in league with O'Neil) and the Senate leadership is not what Barnett needs at this point. He should have gotten this shut down and asked Morris, Schmidt, Vratil and Brungart to support him. He doesn't need to needlessly antagonize his own party's Senate leaders during his campaign. Another bad decision plus he will go back to the Senate in January as a loser and an outcast to his own leadership. A real political genius!

Anonymous said...

First off, that's not Alan Cobb.

Second, this blog is not tearing our party apart. It's been that way for about 15-20 years.

Third, Wagle's had Barnett by the short ones early on. But doctors being doctors, they think they know everything. He's only recently realized the mistake he's made. I would not want to be in the Senate Republican Caucus next session. Though Wagle's troubles do enhance the stature of Karen Brownlee, Karen could finally be the de facto leader of the Senate Conservatives in the end.

Fourth, Mark Parkinason is traitor. Lot's of us have disagreements with others in the Party and then don't register as D's. Screw him!!! He deserves every miserable minute as that shrew's busboy he gets.

Anonymous said...

Parkinson is a traitor? What?
Partisanship doesn't mean diddly-doo. The Kansas GOP is a total joke. Parkinson had to run the damn thing ... so he understands how worthless the party is. It doesn't make a lick a difference if you run as a D or R. Who did Parkinson betray? The right-wing lunatics who run the party ... or, the idiots in the legislature. You have to earn loyalty. I don't see anything in the GOP worthy of loyalty. Parkinson dump on the GOP because it's not worth saving. Any thinking man would have done the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Why do we need the GOP? What purpose does it serve?

Anonymous said...

I feel betrayed by the party for nominating Wagle-Barnett. They let everybody down.

Anonymous said...

thanks canfield supporter - have fun with sebelius for the next 4 years then.

actually - to canfield supporters, doesn't make much difference does it? you haven't done a thing for kansas politics.

bury your heads in your bibles and wish tiller away

Anonymous said...

Why don't you ask the Gov is she takes Alan Cobb and AFP seriously?

Ask Dave Heinemann and Ryan Wright they take Cobb seriously.

Let's not overdue the harm this blog does.

What are there, 50 people that read this thing?

Wonder how Shallenburger wouldn't done without Cobb four years ago.

There are have many candidates at the highest level who've asked him to run their campaign.

I agree this blog is a joke though.

Anonymous said...

My inside sources say Wagle has expressed dissatisfaction with the entire staff, but the staff is used to her rants.

Wagle is Wagle. People around her aren't surprised, just the newbies on the staff and on this blog I guess.

No way does Barnett replace her. I don't think you can do it legally anyway.

Please tell me one politician that doesn't think about running for something bigger.

Anonymous said...

This blog actually gets posts from all factions which is good. Apparently some only want extreme right wing postings; just like their view of the party. Alan Cobb fell flat on his face with his big TABOR campaign last fall. It went nowhere.